How Wave Accounting can help you streamline your business

Do you wish there was a simpler way to manage your business finances? Thankfully, there’s accounting software! Designed to help small businesses keep track of their cash flow, accounting software is an effective way to cut down on stress and save time in the long run. Our accounting software guide will teach you how Wave Accounting can help streamline your business and make running it much easier!

No-Complicated Online Interface

Online accounting has made business management easier. The interface can be operated from any browser, making it easy to manage your finances from anywhere you want. There is also no need to install special software, since all you will need is an internet connection and a web browser. So you don’t have to worry about being bogged down by complex functions that are not relevant to your business. And with online accounting, all your financial information will be readily available on demand, instead of having to wait for someone else to prepare and deliver it in a monthly or quarterly report. This makes it easier for you to get quick updates on how your business is doing financially.

No Tech Skills Required

Most entrepreneurs want to build a product and sell it fast. But when you’re just starting out, that’s often easier said than done—and it’s usually a waste of your time. Instead, start by building something you don’t have to code yourself. There are a number of no tech solutions that will help you create an MVP (minimum viable product) and help potential customers try it out without any coding or programming experience required. A quick Google search will point you in many different directions here; be sure to check reviews so you can pick one that works for your business.

Never Miss a Detail

Wave’s task functionality allows you to automatically add important dates and deadlines to your tasks, so there’s no danger of missing anything important. Once you sync it with your calendar, Wave will automatically create tasks for deadlines that are about to pass, ensuring that nothing slips through the cracks. The next time a project lands on your desk, take a quick glance at its due date and make sure it’s not something you need to write down in an email or put in your calendar. If it is, just drag and drop it into Wave’s task list. It really is that easy!

Stay On Top of Your Numbers

With wave accounting, you’ll always have access to your key numbers and can keep an eye on them wherever you are. With its mobile capabilities, wave allows users to streamline their finances on-the-go. It also has a customizable dashboard that lets you add your most important numbers and make them easily accessible. This is especially helpful for business owners who want to stay on top of how their business is doing at all times.

Get Paid Faster

One of the biggest hurdles many small businesses face is waiting to get paid by their clients and vendors. But, there are ways to change that and more quickly collect cash on invoices—like using accounting software like Wave. Here’s how it works: Once you set up your account, any time a client or vendor creates an invoice for you, they will pay a flat fee (1%) to send it over to your platform. You then approve or deny that invoice via a simple app within seconds. Upon approval, Wave sends over payment information so you can access your funds almost immediately—often within one business day or less!

Access From Anywhere

One of the biggest benefits of having accounting software is being able to access it from anywhere. With cloud accounting, you can log in from a laptop at a hotel or on your phone while driving. You never have to worry about losing data because all your information is safely stored in one place that’s always available to you. And if anything happens to your computer, no worries – everything you need is just a few clicks away. That’s why cloud accounting is ideal for small businesses on-the-go and those who don’t want to be tied down by cumbersome office equipment or spending money upgrading their system every few years.


Small businesses can accomplish many tasks without accounting software. When it comes to billing, invoicing, payroll and taxes, however, using a tool specifically designed for that purpose will always be more efficient than relying on spreadsheets or paying someone else to do it for you. You might need to dig into your wallet a little bit more at first; but in most cases it’s worth spending money on accounting software because doing so will free up your time and energy in ways you never thought possible.


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