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Why Singapore Firms Should Consider Payroll Outsourcing Services In India

Outsourced Payroll Services For Singapore Companies In India Lets You Do What You Do The Best

The importance of payroll functions can’t be overemphasized – it’s key to any business. However, an organization may not be interested in setting up an in-house payroll department to avoid distractions from the core business. In recent times, Payroll Outsourcing Services in Singapore has become very popular with companies. Many Singapore companies use outsourced payroll services because of the benefits that they bring to the table. There are also Payroll Services for Singapore Companies in India that offer efficient payroll management services.

Outsourced Payroll

Why Should You Choose Payroll Outsourcing To India, Singapore?

For Singapore companies, payroll outsourcing is a smart decision. They can outsource payroll services to companies based in either Singapore or India. Many Indian payroll outsourcing companies offer their services in both India and Singapore.

Payroll outsourcing enhances the efficiency, compliance, and productivity of a company. When you allow specialized companies to process the payroll, they bring the best technologies and solutions to the job. Payroll Services for Singapore companies in India can take both small and big payroll jobs.

How Payroll Outsourcing Benefits?

Payroll outsourcing to an external partner helps remove some of the distractions from your office. Of course, payroll is an important function and that’s why you should allow a professional and reputed company to take care of it. Outsourcing allows you to focus on your core business and work for its growth and expansion.

By outsourcing payroll functions to a reputed company, you prioritize efficiency and productivity that ultimately helps your company in a significant way. Both you and your staff get a distinguished experience as payroll processed by a professional third-party service provider has some unique advantages. For example, you can access payroll data and reports from anywhere as they are stored on the cloud.

Here Are Some Other Benefits Of Payroll Outsourcing:

  • Less workload for the HR department
  • Effective statutory compliance
  • Payroll data stored on the cloud
  • Easy access of payroll data, payslip
  • Greater efficiency and productivity
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How To Choose Payroll Services For Singapore Companies In India?

How To

Payroll outsourcing is a popular option for Singapore companies. Being a highly competitive hub of international business, Singapore companies wouldn’t like their focus to divert from their key businesses. In light of this, outsourced payroll services are good options, and Outsourced Payroll Service providers for Singapore Companies in India offer a comprehensive range of services to their clients.

However, before choosing a payroll outsourcing company in India, you should carry out proper research and background check of the shortlisted companies. By transferring payroll functions to a third party, you will be allowing an external partner access to personal and company data. You must ensure that the outsourced payroll company has adequate cyber security mechanisms in place.

Payroll Services For Singapore Companies In India That We Offer:

Defining Payroll

As your company’s payroll management vendor, Bill Accounting begins its job by understanding the full scope of the work and defining payroll functions. It takes us a round of consultation with key departments and officials. Once the consultations are over, we prepare a project report and further fine-tune it as per your company’s vision and priorities. This takes us to the next stage of payroll management – Bill Accounting Planning.

Pre-Payroll Activities

After the scope of our work is decided, we start collecting input data. It’s a multi-stage process where we need to consult various departments and officials to collect the input data. Most of us think that payroll service includes preparing salary and sending it to staff accounts. But the payroll preparation is a more detailed process where every minute detail like leaves, absents, staff benefits, tax deductions are taken into account. To perform this task at scale we need to use payroll software which requires proper input data. Pre-payroll activities include identifying all these inputs and accounting for them.

Input Validation

Once inputs are identified, a process needs to be set up to validate each of them. In payroll administration, data inputs are validated by the senior and supervisors authorized by the company. We identify these input validation authorities and bring them into our system. Here are some of the tasks performed under input validation:

1. Creating approval and authorization model
2. Creating right format for payroll activities
3. Creating system for enrolment of new staff
4. Making sure all eligible staff are included
5. Making sure all ineligible staff are excluded

We understand that every organization has some unique requirements. BBill Accounting tries its best to accommodate them by proper customization.

Actual Payroll Activities

As part of payroll activities, we feed input data into the payroll software, especially customized and prepared for your company. These include withholding of taxes and deductions. Reconciliation and verification are performed to rule out errors and mistakes.

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We Specialize In The Singapore Business Environment

Bill Accounting has many clients from Singapore and this has enabled us to develop a clear understanding of payroll practices and the statutory requirements. We offer end-to-end Payroll Outsourcing Services in Singapore so you never have to worry about any aspects of the payroll. Our services span most industries and sectors. It means whether you are from IT or Shipping, we have you covered. Data security is an important part of our work culture and your data is protected by the best technologies and practices in this space.

Billing Software that we use

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