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Why UK Firms Should Consider Payroll Outsourcing Services In India

With UK Payroll Outsourcing Company In India, You Can Focus On What You Do Best

Payroll is the key to running an office but it is a function not aligned to your core business. It may take up a lot more time than you would like to give and may even interfere with your priorities. No wonder, payroll outsourcing is a growing trend and by 2027, it’s expected to be a $27 billion industry. Given this, many UK firms are using UK Payroll Outsourcing Services in India. With a large pool of qualified and experienced accounts professionals, Indian payroll outsourcing companies offer many benefits. Gif Maker 11 Gif Maker 12

Why Should You Choose Payroll Outsourcing To India?

Outsourcing payroll management to an external organization that can perform the task professionally and efficiently can be an intelligent decision. Indian vendors offering UK Payroll Outsourcing Services in India provide a comprehensive range of services. From auto-enrolment of new staff to preparing payslips and calculating staff benefits, they perform a whole host of payroll functions. Even if the number of staff is unwieldy, small or big, a UK Payroll Outsourcing Company in India can provide you efficient services.

How Does Payroll Outsourcing Benefit?

Outsourcing payroll management to an external partner in India can bring efficiency, compliance to statutory requirements such as HMRC, and cost savings. The payroll data is stored on the cloud so accessing them is easy for all the stakeholders. More importantly, employees can freely access their payslips and P60’s from any online device.

Here are some other benefits:

  • Better compliance to rules and statutory requirements
  • Reduced documentation and workload for HR Department
  • Reporting suite with vital information available on a click
  • Improved work efficiency and cost-effectiveness overall Gif Maker 14

How To Choose A UK Payroll Outsourcing Company In India?


As payroll is an important function involving sensitive personal and business data, taking onboard a third party to provide outsourced payroll services for UK should be done after thorough research and planning. It’s important to choose a UK Payroll Outsourcing Company in India that’s reputed and professional. The payroll service provider should have the necessary resources — IT infrastructure and qualified manpower — to ensure the highest standards of data security and smooth work flow.

UK Payroll Outsourcing Services In India That We Offer:

Defining Payroll

Bill Accounting carries out extensive consultations with the company management and various departments to define the broad parameters for payroll management. Based on the input, we prepare a project report about how we plan to convert the payroll vision and priorities of your company to reality. After further consultation, Bill Accounting prepares a final plan to implement the payroll system.

Input Gathering

Next, we carry out input gathering for payroll management from various departments. For example, the number of leave employees is given per month, defining late-coming and incorporating it into the payroll, defining out-of-station work and expenses, and so on. BestPayroll ensures that all relevant input is defined clearly.

Input Validation

For the payroll to run smoothly, claims made by individual staff need to be endorsed by their supervisors. This mechanism of input validation has to be incorporated into the payroll system. For this, several tasks are undertaken.

Here are a few of them for your understanding:

1. Making sure payroll software is compatible and synced to HMRC
2. Preparing Authorization and Approval matrix for payroll inputs.
3. Choosing the right software and creating appropriate payroll structure
4. Making sure all active staff is included, and inactive staff is excluded.

*Every company has its unique needs and BestPayroll is always ready to accommodate your needs through appropriate customization.

Payroll System

After payroll inputs are defined, gathered, and validated, they need to be fed into the payroll software for the actual payroll system to start functioning. Following tasks are undertaken at this stage:
1. Feeding data into Payroll software
2. Withholding of taxes and deductions
3. Reconciliation and verification


Employers need to have a clear picture of the expenses for a variety of reasons. The finance department, for example, has to make sure that the cash balance in the company’s account is sufficient to meet the payroll outlay. BestPayroll offers a reporting suite where all vital payroll information is available. In particular, following our reporting has the following advantages:
1. Reporting data is available on the cloud
2. Department-wise cost of employees
3. Location-wise cost of employees

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We Specialize In UK Business Environment

Bill Accounting has been serving UK clients for a long and it has helped us develop knowledge and understanding of the UK business environment, payroll systems, and taxation and withholding

Comnplete Range of Services

Our payroll services are comprehensive and include every function from enrolment of staff to full and final settlements. However, we are always open to customization and catering to your specific needs.

Data Security

Bill Accounting takes data security extremely seriously and, therefore, has put in place one of the most advanced cyber-security systems. We also adhere to industry best practices.

Multiple Industries/ Sectors

We have been working with companies in different sectors so no matter what your business is we can always provide you efficient payroll services.

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