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Why Australian Firms Should Consider Payroll Outsourcing Services In India

Payroll is an important administrative function for any business organization — big or small. However, it may not be an area of key interest for businesses and they may like to outsource this function to a third party for better efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Many Australian businesses use Australia Payroll Outsourcing services in India as it offers many benefits. India has a large pool of skilled and qualified accounts professionals who can provide high-quality payroll services to their clients in Australia.

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Why Should You Choose Payroll Outsourcing To India?

Outsourcing payroll to a professional third-party service provider is a smart decision as it spares you the cost and effort of maintaining an in-house team of accounts and payroll staff. Indian Payroll Processing Services for Australia can provide a comprehensive range of services from monthly payslips to full and final settlement. No matter whether you want to outsource payroll services for 10 or 10,000 staff, an Australia Payroll Outsourcing Company in India can process your jobs efficiently.

How It Benefits?

Outsourcing your payroll functions to a third party in India can help you save costs as maintaining an in-house payroll team can be both expensive and more work for you. When you let a specialist team do these jobs, you can focus on your core business interests.

Some of the benefits of handing over the payroll jobs to a specialist organization can include the following:

  • Reduced Documentation, compliance and legal requirements
  • Accurate reporting and appraisal
  • Reduced work for the HR department
  • Improved data accuracy
  • Increased policy adherance
  • Protects confidentiality
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How To Choose An Australia Payroll Outsourcing Company In India?

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Outsourcing payroll functions to a specialized organization in India can save you the costs and hassles that such tasks can involve. However, you should choose an Australia Payroll Outsourcing Services in India after proper research and planning.Revenue Accounting and Recording

When a third party processes the payroll, it gets access to the personal and business data of your company and staff. If your payroll vendor is not having appropriate data protection mechanisms, your company might lose valuable and sensitive data.

In light of these considerations, you should work only with reliable, reputed, and professional vendors. Before taking a final decision, you must satisfy yourself about the professional and ethical integrity of the payroll vendor you are choosing.

Australia Payroll Outsourcing Services In India That We Offer:

Pre Payroll Planning

Before the payroll system is set up, consultation and planning are required. For example, company policies related to leaves and late-coming of staff need to be discussed and incorporated into the payroll system. Similarly, deduction of foods bought from the office canteen has to be included in the payroll calculations.

Our payroll team carries out pre-payroll consultations and planning with different departments to define Pay, Leave, Benefits, and Attendance policies. Consultations lead to input collection for pre-payroll planning.

Input Validation

After the payroll policy has been defined and relevant inputs are gathered, the process of input validation begins. Under this, we undertake the following services:

1. Preparing the authorization and approval matrix
2. Putting in place the right format for payroll activities
3. Ensuring that no active staff member is left out
4. Ensuring that no inactive staff member is included
*Depending on the unique needs of a company, our payroll team provides appropriate customization.

Actual Payroll Activities

1. Feeding validated input data into payroll system
2. Making withholding provisions for taxes and deductions
3. Reconciliation and verification process to avoid errors


After the employees are paid their salaries, proper reporting is needed to understand the costs and taxes borne by the company.

 To this end, we provide detailed and insightful reports under various heads such as:
1. Department-wise employee cost
2. Location-wise employee cost

Legal Compliance

Every employer has to make sure that it deducts the applicable taxes from the employees’ salary and pays to the departments concerned. Besides, employers are liable to meet all legal requirements of employee benefits. Best Payroll services cover this aspect of obligations for the employers. Our legal department performs extensive research to understand the taxation and legal obligations of a country and region we serve.

Choose Us?

We Specialize In Australia Business Environment

Bill Accounting has been serving many Australian clients for years. It has enabled us to develop expertise in Australian HR and payroll matters. While we cater to the payroll needs of your company in Australia we can also offer similar services for your India office or workforce stationed in India.

Proven Experience

We work with a variety of businesses and generate more than a million payslips every year. In us, you find a payroll vendor who has the experience and expertise to take on any amount of payroll tasks.

Multiple Industries/ Sectors

Our Payroll Processing Services for Australia are open to businesses in virtually all industries and sectors. For example, we provide our services to businesses in Telecom, BFSI, FMCG, Entertainment, E-commerce, and more. We customize our services to the needs of each of our clients in different sectors.

End-To-End Services

We provide a comprehensive range of payroll administration services from monthly payslips to full and final settlement.

Data Security

We understand the importance of information security as we process personal and company data. That’s why we have put in place the most stringent IT control measures and payroll processes. We adhere to the industry best practices to maintain the highest standards of data security.

Billing Software that we use

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