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The UAE has emerged as one of the biggest economic hubs in modern times. Known for its thriving industry sectors such as oil and gas, tourism and hospitality, retail, media, and construction, the UAE ranks 35th in terms of cost of living. Therefore, it is natural that the wages in UAE are high. And hence, businesses could employ a strategy of outsourcing some of the non-core operations, particularly bookkeeping and accounting, to places such as India (103rd rank in cost of living) where they could benefit from having to pay considerably lesser wages. Billaccounting is best way to outsourcing bookkeeping services for Dubai, UAE in India

Our Services

Quick Turnaround Time

As UAE is only 1.5 hours behind India, there is almost a negligible difference between the work-hours in India and UAE (especially because most Indian firms tend to operate till late in the evening). Therefore, any business clients in the UAE can be assured of same day processing of any work requests.

Lower Costs

If you choose to keep an in-house accounting team at a place like the UAE, you would easily end up paying an equivalent of $300-$2000 per month per employee in the team. Surely, you would not want to let such expenses reflect badly on your P&L. And therefore, it would be a wise decision to outsource the service to India as an Indian accountant typically charge between $15-$30 per hour.

Better Business Performance

It is always a lesser headache if you are not compelled to manage a team that is larger than what is absolutely required. And hence, by outsourcing bookkeeping and accounting service requirements to India, you can focus your energies on better decision-making for growing your business faster.

Bookkeeping And Accounting Services For  UAE In India That We Offer

Bookeeping Services

Under outsourced bookkeeping services, we provide:

  • Double entry bookkeeping
  • Generation and finalization of Trial Balance
  • Setting up of Accounts Charts
  • Year-end closing
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Accounts Payable And Receivable

To enable the business managers at our clients to stay updated on its positionvis-à-vis accounts payable and receivable, we offer for the following services:

  • Accounting and Recording of Revenue
  • Maintenance of client bills and statements
  • Customer  wise receipt booking and updating
  • Generation, processing, and multi-level validation of invoices
  • Supplier Network Management
  • Collection and Cash Flow management
  • Exception Resolution

Bank/ Credit Card Reconciliation

Any business organization would require to maintain an error-free reconciliation of transactions conducted via bank accounts and credit cards. We provide the following reconciliation services to our clients:

  • Outstanding Payments clearing
  • Taxation processing and clearing
  • Matching of company’s books of accounts versus bank balances
  • Variance details recording
  • Reconciling accounts payable with accounts receivable
  • Verification of consistency of bank balances
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Fixed Assets Accounting And Management

One of the most important items on a company balance sheet are the Fixed Assets. It is important to accurately account for them to determine depreciation costs and returns earned on capital expenditure. We help businesses keep real-time reports of fixed assets as well as with creating analytical reports of expenses and overheads

Report Management

Managers depend on various accounting reports to take decisions. The following are areas in which we can help in management reporting

  • Monthly Accrual Posting generation
  • Month-End and Year-End tax compliance filing
  • P&L statement and Balance Sheet creation
  • Cash Flow statement generation
  • Creating financial projections for revenues, expenses, and profits
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Why Bill Accounting Is The Best Outsourced Accounting Firms In Dubai, UAE

Skilled Resources

Our well-trained and experienced accounting team will ensure totally error-free bookkeeping and accounting services in total adherence to theInternational Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

Technological Expertise

Our top draw IT infrastructure which we regularly update and upgrade enables us to deliver online bookkeeping services with absolute convenience to our clients in the UAE. Our team also has proficiency in working with cloud-based accounting software such as QuickBooks, SAP, and Tally which are highly secure as they provide access to only authentic users.

Absolute Integrity

Our detailed confidentiality agreements that we sign with our clients can guarantee an impervious safeguard for your intellectual property and business secrets.

Multi-Sector Expertise

Our accounting team has significant experience in delivering bookkeeping and accounting services for clients across multiple industries. Therefore, we can ensure total compliance and you can be assured of zero litigation costs.

Billing Software that we use

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